About Us...

"where natures inspires"

It's a perfect getaway nestled in a natural setting surrounded by mountains, rivers, and greeneries. An oasis where rivers meet, birds chirping and farmers busy with their chores.

We offer a wide range of Eco Challenges and a Farmstay Experiences; making your stay a memorable one.

Eco Challenge offer a wide range of activities for all ages, from passive to active games, individual to group events conducted by professioal instructors; a challenges you should not miss.


Experience the excitement of a Farmer's life, our Agro packages offer hands-on activities in organic farming, plucking fruits and harvesting vegetables, bamboo weaving, feeding animals and cooking our traditional delecacies; a chance in a lifetime experience.


A Team Building events were conducted designed to suit customers objectives where various types of activities were used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams that involving collaborative tasks.


We offer a wide range of Accomodation, from a single type Chalets to Villa Suites; all tailored for your needs. The buildings were builts mostly using local materials available at our site or vicinity such as bamboo, timber logs, river stones; designed in a green building concept.


Other facilities provided including Seminar Hall, Workshop, Restaurant, Floating Surau, River Beach, Fishing Pond amoung others.